Ariana Grande is a giver! The 'Baby I' singer has a plan to reward her Arianators -- and also to make them laugh.

Grande revealed on Twitter that she will release a song from an upcoming album and EP (yes, another one -- even though 'Yours Truly' has been on shelves for less than a month) if she can get up to 10 million Twitter followers. What a Miley Cyrus move!

Grande also revealed via Twitter that she's back in the studio already with the Rascals.

It's unclear whether 'Pink Champagne' has anything to do with these collaborations, but you can bet that Arianators are delighted by both bits of news nonetheless.

In addition to recording her own music in the studio, Grande also recorded something else recently: a voiceover for 'Family Guy!'

In addition to all that, Grande has been a busy bee elsewhere, still doing promo for 'Yours Truly.' Though it seems like 'Baby I' dropped so shortly ago, she's already recording a video for next single, 'Right There.' The song was set to hit radio October 15, but Grande says she already heard it on air -- so keep your ears open!

You go, Grande!