Pink gave birth to her first child, daughter Willow Sage, back in June of 2011. The singer, who is preparing to release her latest album, ‘The Truth About Love,’ which is her first since becoming a mom, admits that she fears that Willow will follow in her footsteps and be a rebel. Since rebellion would seem to be in baby Willow’s DNA, it’s not too far-fetched of a fear for Pink to have.

According to Closer (quotes via Hollywood Life), the ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ singer said, “I’m terrified of having a girl like me.”

Pink certainly flirted with trouble in her youth. She tried drugs and alcohol at an early age and even ran away from home as a teen. She hopes that despite the fact that her daughter could very well follow her example, she’ll go the opposite way and not want to be like mom, since that’s how many kids are. It’s always cooler to defy what your parents do, right?

The new CoverGirl spokeswoman continued, “I’m just banking on the fact that we rebel from our parents. She’ll be like, ‘Loud music, tattoos? That’s disgusting.’ But I don’t know. It’s all karma I guess for all the bad things I’ve done.”

Willow has already shown a bit of her mom’s sassy side, especially when it comes to sharing with others. “Willow thinks she’s really good at sharing, but if the other kid doesn’t take the toy, she’ll bash them over the head with it,” she shared. “She’s a very aggressive sharer!”

Too cute.

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