If you’ve had a McDonald’s hamburger over the last ten years, you’ve also consumed something that critics have dubbed “pink slime,” which consists of spare beef trimmings soaked in ammonium hydroxide to make them edible for humans. Still lovin’ it? We didn’t think so. 

We’ll give you a second to digest that before giving you the good news: McDonald’s is now removing “pink slime” from all of their beef products.

The move comes after criticism of the concoction from celebrity chef Jamie Oliver (who coined the “pink slime” phrase) and the documentary ‘Food Inc.’ Burger King and Taco Bell have also reportedly rid their meat products of the slime.

As disgusting as it sounds, the USDA has said that meat from strange parts of a cow treated with ammonium pose no particular health risk, and a recent editorial in Food Safety News argued that the backlash against pink slime is a result of fear-mongering, rather than any kind of sound science.

Still, with a name like pink slime, it never really stood a chance.

[via The Huffington Post]