In the movie ‘Project X,’ a few teenagers decide to raise their social rankings by throwing an epic party that goes wrong.

But here in the real world, doing that can get you in serious trouble — especially if you’re dumb enough to post a public invite.

After some not-terribly-bright kids put a post on Craigslist in which they invited anyone and everyone to a “Crazy Project X Type Party” they were planning to throw at a barn on a vacant property in Collin County, Texas, police there got a tip and decided to be first revelers in attendance.

More than 400 people — including 100 juveniles — were turned away, and 14 of them were arrested on drug and alcohol charges. Deputies said if they hadn’t intervened, things could’ve quickly spun out of control and resulted in physical and sexual assaults, plus extensive damage to the party site, which currently has a sale pending.

Kim Norris, who lives on neighboring property, said, “It was a sight to see out here that night. Starting at dark, the traffic started up and by 11 o’clock, there were literally hundreds of cars driving up and down our street.”

“They were going to see if they could have the worst possible party they could,” she added. “It’s scary. It’s really scary.”