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Wyoming-bred, London-based singer-songwriter Alo Lee has already made waves online with just a handful of SoundCloud tracks. Drawing comparisons to R&B contemporaries The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, Lee's musical repertoire is an impressive one: Her brand of moody, atmospheric pop errs on the darker side of R&B, with a vocal inflection that often recalls the late Aaliyah.

Lee's latest release, “Videos,” follows suit: Written in conjunction with FKA Twigs and Lana Del Rey producer Liam Howe, the song boasts Lee's soft vocals expertly layered over a slick, smooth beat. According to i-D, the sultry offering was inspired by the way “technology has taken us away from real human connection.”

Elaborating on the song’s inception, Lee -- who once admitted she wants to be the "R&B Taylor Swift" -- said, "Liam Howe, Tom Aspaul and I started by discussing concealing something from someone in a relationship and somehow we got onto the topic of unrealistic expectations of women within the porn industry. A guy could have a perfectly amazing girl in front of him every day but could be stuck in front of the computer watching these videos."

But, Lee insists, don't take it too seriously: "It sounds deep, but we approached it as a playful concept; we had a lot of fun writing it."

Lee also put her own spin on Drake’s hugely successful “Hotline Bling.” Rather than produce a straight-laced cover of the original, Lee significantly upped the track's sex appeal, making it sound far less like a jealous ex's late-night lament.

Listen to "Videos" and "Hotline Bling" above, and head over to Alo Lee's SoundCloud to check out the rest of her releases.

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