The City of Powell Wyoming has decided to sell a pair of vacant lots to businessmen hoping to make a buck on electric vehicles (EV).

The Powell City Council unanimously voted to sell a 0.66-acre lot to Yellowstone Motors and Yellowstone Electric. The parcels are located on Powell’s west side.

“Originally, [the lots] were intended to be put into grass and open space, and we’re selling them because the city does not want them put into grass and open space,” Mayor John Wetzel said at a Nov. 21 council meeting. Instead of having vacant lots that require city maintenance, Wetzel said he wanted to see the land being used by businesses. (Powell Tribune).

The city sold the properties at a slight discount in the belief of the economic benefits that the new businesses.

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Yellowstone Motors plans to use the lot to expand its adjoining auto dealership, intending to offer a new line of electric Hummers on the additional land. The Bennetts, meanwhile, plan to install charging stations for EVs, potentially along with features like electrical connections for food trucks or a coffee hut. (Powell Tribune).

Manufacturers are building more EVs than ever before. Some see this trend as the wave of the future.

But while there are those who see a future in the EV market there are still many problems with the vehicles.

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Besides the fact that these vehicles are not actually good for the environment, and do not have zero emissions, when we look at where the power comes from the charge then. They are also heavily subsidized. Will they survive once the federal money runs out? These business owners and the city of Powell are taking a chance and saying yes.

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