Ed Sheeran has a lot of tattoos that seem, at least on the surface, pretty frivolous and pointless: a ketchup bottle, bro?

But believe it or not, as it turns out, there's a good reason for all that ink.

Sheeran, known (much to his chagrin) as the Ginger Jesus, shares his red-haired celebrity with Prince Harry, which is enough to confuse some people into thinking they're the same person. That can get awkward, because Prince Harry has a tendency to get himself into compromising situations, like being photographed naked in Las Vegas hotel rooms. As a result, Sheeran claims his tats were a strategic move.

"This is why I got so many tattoos," he told The Daily Star (via SugarScape). "So when he is seen naked again, people know it's definitely not me."

Sheeran added that he actually met the Ginger Prince, who had a sense of humor about everything. "I bumped into Harry and took a picture on my phone with him," Sheeran revealed. "He said, 'This better not end up in any papers mate!'"

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