Cutting Edge Industries, a division of NOWCAP Services, is hosting an electronics recycling drive this Saturday, January 12th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 p.m. at 345 North Walsh Drive in Casper.

Prevent old electronics from being sent to the landfill by recycling them at Cutting Edge Industries. Doing so will also help people with disabilities earn a paycheck, learn valuable work skills and increase their independence.

Items that can be recycled include (but are not limited to the following): answering machines, cable boxes, calculators, circuit boards, computer towers, consumer electronics, floppy drives, insulated cable, laptop and notebook computers, security systems, video equipment, batteries, cameras, cell phones, keyboards, mice, stereo components, telecommunication equipment, servers, video game equipment, wiring.

Because computer monitors and/or televisions contain hazardous materials that cannot be safely disassembled at their site, they receive and properly dispose of these items for a .40 per pound fee.

Cutting Edge Industries creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities through E-Recycling, Woodshop and Campground Maintenance programs. Visit Cutting Edge Industries at!

NOWCAP Services is a private, nonprofit organization that provides a variety of opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities and acquired brain injuries in Casper, Cody, Rock Springs and Worland. Visit NOWCAP Services at and engage with them on Facebook!