If you’re thinking about renting Max Payne 3 on Xbox 360, you won’t want to get it from Redbox. The company says it’s only renting the first disc in the two-disc set, meaning you’ll be stuck with nowhere to go once you work your way halfway through the campaign.

This would be annoying, yet excusable, if Redbox made you pay twice to rent the full game, hitting you with a charge for each disc. But nope, Redbox has up and decided it can’t be bothered to carry the second disc at all. And even more infuriatingly, the company is spinning its laziness as if it’s some sort of great thing for everyone.

Redbox tells Consumerist:

“Redbox kiosks are only equipped to rent out one disc per rental fee. Since customer feedback has told us that many of our game customers like to test out titles before they buy them, we’ve decided to offer Disc 1 of Max Payne 3 for Xbox 360 so that renters can try it out for a low daily rate. Disc 1 contains the entire online multiplayer mode and the first half of the extremely substantial single-player game. We think that’s a great deal for just a couple of dollars a day, and we’re excited to offer it! We’ve added a message on the website and on kiosk screens to let renters know about the limited game-playing.”

Gee, Redbox, we’re sure happy you’re excited to be offering a half-rental. At least the company is renting PS3 owners the full game, since it’s being released on a single Blu-ray disc that Redbox will thankfully refrain from cutting in half.