Remakes of big-time movies that are happening soon that may make you cringe or squeal with delight.

She's All That: The Freddie Prince Jr. days, being a baby of the 90's this is big for me. Paul Walker was in this so of course sentimental as well. Who will play his character I wonder? is reporting that a remake is in the works. No other details are available at the moment, other than the detail that the cast will be diverse and that the film will be directed by Kenny Leon, who helmed the 2012 television movie remake of Steel Magnolias, a couple episodes of Private Practice and lots of Broadway productions.

Big Trouble in Little China : The 1987 film is getting a makeover with Dwayne "The Rock"Johnson starring as Kurt Russel's Charterer. Expected in 2016.

The Craft: I think the original "Craft" would have a warning that some things are better left asleep. Sony is not heading that warning and is bringing back "The Craft". The original teen supernatural thriller starred Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True as a group of young witches at a Catholic school.

Which one are you, if any, are you most excited about?

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