Remember when Rihanna hosted her 777 Tour and it led to complete madness and mutiny for us and the other journos who joined her for it?

Well, she doesn't remember the last half of that.

The 'Diamonds' singer talked to Rolling Stone, not just about her relationship with Chris Brown, but also about her doomed jumbo jet excursion to seven countries for seven concerts in seven days. Apparently she was completely oblivious to the havoc that she wreaked, albeit accidentally, on the trip.

When confronted with the craziness and misery the flyers faced -- which one adorable Aussie tried to alleviate by streaking the length of the plane -- Rihanna explained, "I knew a couple of people got worked up, but only found out toward the end."

When the RS writer pointed out that reporters had no sleep, food nor showers -- and that there was almost a riot on the way to London -- she was incredulous. "On the plane?" she cried. "That's crazy!"

Thankfully, RiRi had fun, and that's all that matters, right? "Oh I had a great time," she gushed. "The fun never stopped for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. And it definitely brought a lot of awareness to the album -- which was the whole point."

Point: Rihanna.

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