Rihanna is a workhorse who can be counted on to release an album a year. Surprisingly, she didn't drop a new platter in 2013, despite rumors that she might do so last November. However, she may return to the retail playing field this year with a new album, but in a totally different and unexpected way.

RiRi is said to be creating a concept album based on the animated film 'Home,' in which she voices a role. Variety, a leading movie industry trade, broke the news.

The film, based on Adam Rex's book 'The True Meaning of Smekday,' lands in multiplexes on Nov. 26, which would suggest that the album would arrive in that timeframe, as well. It's perfect timing, since it'll be the holiday shopping season.

RiRi will also perform some of the songs in the film. Other actors voicing roles include Jennifer Lopez, Jim Parsons of 'Big Bang Theory' and more.

The news was spilled by DreamWorks Animation head honcho Jeffrey Katzenberg during a company call on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

A Rihanna concept album based on an animated film? This we gotta hear!