Rihanna loves Instagram. We all know this, as we've enjoyed the variety of topless shots the singer has shared with increasing frequency. We also learn more and more about her nebulous relationship with Chris Brown from her Instagram feed.

However, it seems that the sexed up and sexy singer may have confirmed that she is indeed single with an e-card – make that Ri-Card -- that she created.

The card, featuring a snide quote about how being single sucks since she can do whatever she wants, a cartoon image of her and a logo with her signature "R," appears to tell a larger story. RiRi hasn't shared any photos of herself in a compromised or sexualized position with Breezy recently, either. So it wouldn't shock us if their often volatile relationship went south... yet again.

So RiRi might be back on the market, especially with all those rumors that Breezy is hooked up with Karrueche Tran again. She never did confirm that she and Brown were coupled up, but the photos were worth a billion words on that front.

ChRihanna is no more, if this funny little e-greeting is to be believed.

What a mess. What drama! Someone as hot as RiRi should have no trouble finding and keeping a man. Then again, maybe there are few men who could handle her scorching hotness.

If they were indeed back together, Breezy done screwed up… again.

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