Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is a huge fan of Rihanna. But he may not be a huge fan of her reaction to press questions about their relationship ... because she may have accidentally (or deliberately) insinuated that he's gay!

After Ronaldo tweeted the above photo at a Rihanna concert, press asked her if she and Ronaldo were dating. (They're not -- he's shacked up with supermodel Irina Shayk!) RiRi's rihsponse was, um, interesting, to say the least.

She told press that no, she and Ronaldo weren't an item. Fair enough, right? But then she added this, somewhat curiously: "I have a lot of gay friends and support sexual diversity." Uh, RiRi, whatchoo trying to say?!

We're guessing there was something -- or a lot of things -- lost in translation or taken out of context. Or maybe Rihanna's just got a gaydar that works a bit differently than the rest of ours!