In the ever important world of social media statistics, Rihanna is shining bright like a diamond. She has won another popularity contest. The 'Diamonds' singer has cruised past rapper Eminem as the person on Facebook with the most "likes." Em was tops on Facebook for quite some time, but Ri has unseated him and usurped his throne. Guess he wasn't watchin' it.

Eminem hit 60 million "likes" back in July, but RiRi has been nipping at his kicks ever since. Ri has nearly 61,700,000 likes on the social networking site (heads up courtesy of WENN) with Em hovering at around 61,300,000. These numbers update all the time, so we're just posting estimates.

Rihanna's swell of activity -- her new single, her renewed romance with Chris Brown, her perfumes and her penchant for showing lots and lots of skin -- no doubt helped propel her to this impressive stat and have made her the new queen of Facebook. The Rihanna Navy is tops when it comes to its social media support.

The queen of Twitter -- of course, Lady Gaga, who just climbed the 30 million follower hump -- only has around 53.2 million Facebook "likes." But we doubt that bothers her as she works to build her own site into its own social media army. Still, Latin queen (and expectant mom) Shakira is ahead of Gaga with nearly 55 million "likes."

Congrats to Rihanna on winning the Facebook popularity contest. If it translates to more revenue streams, then it's all worth it.