Rihanna‘s interview with British television personality Jonathan Ross has gotten a lot of press lately. He managed to get some of the singer’s best sound bytes yet! Now you can watch the interview in its entirety.

Since we already covered Rihanna’s quips about her dating life and her feelings about Adele, we’ll get straight to what the world missed.

RiRi describes the competitive nature of the female pop landscape, especially between the biggest acts: herself, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and, of course, her girl crush, Adele. “It’ll always be a competition,” Rihanna admitted of her relationship with her peers. “That’s why I feel like women are becoming so dominant in music now. Because we are competitive beings, and we cannot stand to see another woman do better than us. That bothers us a lot you know,” she laughed. “As much as guys have egos, our egos are a lot bit bigger,” RiRi said. “We’re just better at hiding them.”

Rihanna also revealed what it’s like to be so sexy! “I don’t really ever notice it or think of it until I hear the feedback,” Rihanna said of her sultry onstage presence. (We find that hard to believe considering she routinely grabs her junk and sings about ‘S&M,’ but we digress.) “Going back to Carnival in Barbados, I realized that it’s a cultural thing,” the Bajan beauty said. “It’s the way we move.” She loves her home country. “Barbados is pretty much perfect. It really is paradise. Barbados — they’ve been very supportive, and I will always represent them … that is my home, it will always be home.”

She also dished on why she takes the subway when she’s in England: Logistics! “I hate being stuck in traffic. I hate waking up early, I’m always late,” she said. “The tube is 10, 15 minutes!”

Tune in to the interview below as well as her performance of ‘Talk That Talk’ for more dish on ‘Battleship,’ her sexpot image and a lesson in Bajan slang — and to see what other singer may be interested in RiRi! (Hint: It ain’t Breezy!)

Watch Rihanna’s Interview on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’

Watch Rihanna Perform ‘Talk That Talk’ on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’