Twitter has created some strange connections, most recently between self-esteem challenged R&B singer Rihanna and mom-rock balladeer Michael Bolton -- during which the unlikely pair tweeted their mutual admiration for each other.

Although we might have fallen into an alternate dimension.

The whole convo started when Rihanna made a Dec. 26 post on Instagram about the god-like status of Bolton, uploading a photo of him in a leather jacket and referring to him as a legend.

Despite spelling his name wrong in the hashtag, Bolton somehow discovered RiRi's status and later responded, saying he's a big fan of the “powerful” songstress.

Rihanna replied with an overjoyed tweet, saying her heart fell out of her body in excitement. Not literally, but part of us imagines it did.

This episode may be the only time we've ever written about Rihanna using Twitter for good and not evil. Maybe she'll finally endear herself to us by sending more missives to singers of yore.

May we suggest Richard Marx? We already know he's always up for a good Twitter marathon.