Rihanna has new hair and a lot more of it. The singer shared some Instagram photos of herself holding a baby -- obviously not her own -- and rocking butt-length, ombre locks.

They extensions are stick straight and really light on the ends. It's a look she's rocked before. However, here, the strands are super duper long and the complete opposite of the pixie cut that has become her signature over the years. She could use the hair as a blanket if she ends up in a pinch. It's that long.

When you're Rihanna, and you have an army of stylists at your beck and call, you can wear your locks as short or as long as you want.

She's also wearing her wildly successful RiRi Woo red lipstick for MAC, which sold out three hours after it was released online. Both elements of her look are extreme -- the strands and the lipstick -- but she is so naturally gorgeous she can pull it off.

Check out more photos of Ri's new, reaaaalllllyyyy long hair below.

The singer performs in Brooklyn tonight since her Saturday, May 4 show was tabled due to the NBA playoffs.


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