Rihanna isn't having a bad hair day or a bad hair moment. She's having a bad hair month.

Fresh off her boyish, curly 'do, she's now rocking a mullet with a rattail. Both styles were big in the '80s and are best left there. Try as she might, Rihanna won't succeed in bringing the style back...we hope.

Here's RiRi at McDonald's. Bad food. Worse hair.


She's bumping and grinding with someone and still rocking hideous hair.


Come on, RiRi. You're gorgeous. Do we need to ugly it up with this hair? Then again, Ri changes her hair as often as her clothes, so she'll probably kiss this cut goodbye faster than she did Breezy. Zing!


While shopping in NYC, she told the paps to "back it up" and then to "back it the f—k up" when she was trying to get to her car. She didn’t stop to pose with fans, either.

Notice that RiRi isn't the only pop diva to rock short locks lately. Beyonce went with a pixie, but quickly resorted to extensions in this faboo, face-framing and asymmetrical bob.

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