There are quite a few things Rihanna loves to flaunt: her body, her weed and her wealth. Now she's also showing off her booze selection from her private jet, and it's enough to make your local hole in the wall look, well, even more like a hole in the wall.

RiRi posted photos from her private jet en route to Sydney, Australia, including shots of her minibar, a photo of a pal with a drink menu -- yes, she has so much alcohol that her own plane has a menu -- and a shot of her vanity.

Check out all that alky! 'Pour It Up' indeed.

Rihanna was amused by her pal's reaction the extravagance, writing, "Can't tell if @jennnrosales is more geeked about the personal minibar, the 130 year old Hennessy on the bar menu or the lounge bar sitting in the middle of the plane drinks free all flight! Lolol #AckinBrandNew."

It's awesome that RiRi likes to show off and share the finer things in life, but some sources say she may want to practice a little bit more moderation -- at least before she gets onstage!