Rihanna wore something see-through? No! Never! Not Rihanna. Stop us if you've heard this one before.

Rihanna donned a white mesh outfit that was totally see-through. Yes, she wore a white bra underneath and huge, architectural white sunglasses and chalky matte lipstick. So what's the big deal, since the 'Stay' songstress is known for daring to bare...all the time?

It's those bottoms. WTF? We're not sure if she's commando or not. You can't tell because of the camel toe-like shorts.

There's no accounting for taste...

...and in this case, Ri has none of dat.

Seriously, what's going on here? Is she going to play sexy tennis? We don't see a pantyline...

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There's some sort of built-in landing strip in the shorts. It's pretty raunchy and risque, and trashy. Not even Rihanna can make gymwear chic.

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Here's a closer look. There's nothing stylish about this outfit.

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We hope RiRi has a "WTF was I thinking moment?" when she gets a good look at these images in the next few days or years.

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Ah, now this is the Rihanna we know and love, posing topless. This is the ad for her new Rogue fragrance. Going Rogue like Sarah Palin, only with less clothes!