Rihanna has generously (and smartly) shared 30-second snippets of 11 songs from ‘Talk That Talk,’ which drops Nov. 21. The snippets are super short, but they certainly offer a satisfying taste of what to expect and what’s to come on the new album!

From a few listens of these teasers, the album comes across with quite a sunny, island, reggae vibe, which the Barbados-born RiRi explored on last year’s ‘Loud.’ But there are also elements of “classic” RiRi, too, such as ‘Roc Me Out,’ which reminds us a bit of ‘Rude Boy.’

It sounds like RiRi is doing her thang, and doing it well. Her shimmery voice is distinct as a fingerprint, and she’s at her best when surrounded by clubby beats and singing about love.

Below is PopCrush’s description of the short but sweet teaser tastes of ‘Talk That Talk.’

‘You Da One’: Has a clubby, upbeat, island vibe.

‘Where Have You Been’: This one is a thumper, built on a beat.

We Found Love’: The hit first single, which proves to be emblematic of the album’s overall energy.

‘Talk That Talk’: Her mentor Jay-Z delivers raps about filling arenas on this grooved out title cut; we only hear the Hova, not RiRi, on this snip.

‘Cockiness (Love It)’: Another super reggae moment, with RiRi singing “Love it” super fast.

‘Birthday Cake’: This was made to bellow out of a low-rider, as the word “cake” is repeated rapid fire and RiRi asserts “Ima make you my b—-.” Rawr.

‘We All Want Love’: It’s a sweet ballad, but still has a beat!

‘Drunk On Love’: RiRi sings about how she wants it and craves it, utilizing the XX’s addictive jam ‘Intro.’ She sings about wearing her heart on her sleeve, too.

‘Roc Me Out’: It’s a dancefloor banger that reminds us of ‘Rude Boy.’

‘Watch n’ Learn’: More island pop from an island girl. Get us some sunblock. We want to soak up rays and listen to this song while sprawled on a beach towel.

‘Farewell‘: RiRi bids adieu in this ballad — her voice full of emotion. After all the tough girl talk that she talks, this is RiRi at her most vulnerable on the album.

Which one was your favorite, leaving you breathless and wanting more?

Listen to 30-Second Snippets of Rihanna ‘Talk That Talk’