Pop divas change their looks as often as their underthings. But no one does it as often as Rihanna. She is an Olympic-level look changer. It’s as though she is sporting a new hair style every day.

For the cover of her next single ‘Where Have You Been,’ Ri is concealing her face with a flowy, animal print scarf with amber tones. You can see one of her eyes, which is done up in the smoky eye look, and that’s it.

Mysterious? Yes? Hot? Come on, it’s Rihanna. That goes without saying. Sexy is in her DNA.

Ri tweeted the sexy, shady image, sharing it with her millions of followers and getting them excited for the next phase of her album’s promotion.

‘Where Have You Been,’ the latest jam from ‘Talk That Talk,’ lands at radio on May 8.

We like this shot. It doesn’t reveal too much, and it’s not often we get to see RiRi concealed like this.