Rita Ora and her doe eyes  -- seriously, look at those lashes! -- and matte red lips cover the new issues of Paper magazine. Ora is wearing a bejewled crown hair accessory, and it looks like an interpretation of a crown of thorns.

Ora is a legit pop star in the U.K., but stateside, she is better known for her many modeling gigs than she is for her tunes. She hopes that is about to change.

In her feature, Ora expressed both excitement and fear about breaking here, saying, "Conquering America for a U.K. artist is incredible because that's what everybody wants and dreams about. And I guess it's the same for the U.S. acts; they'd like to crack the U.K. The accomplishment is dominating a market which you aren't familiar with. So yeah, I am a bit nervous. I am a bit scared, I'll be honest, but I am so f---ing excited because the tour we're doing is going to be so f---ing massive."

She worked on her new album with her boyfriend, Calvin Harris, who had a major hit with Rihanna with 'We Found Love.' Contrary to reports, Ora and Harris didn't split.

Working with Harris on four songs was something that the singer enjoyed, saying, "You're in a comfortable environment but also you get a little bit shy. I got a little bit shy during our first musical bonding because he's seen me in everything else, but he hadn't seen me in my work mode. So I was a bit shy at first, but not anymore. Now it's fine."

Her single 'I Will Never Let You Down' was produced by Harris, and Ora said "it reminds you of Whitney. And that was the vibe we were on. We just wanted to feel good. You know that feeling of 'How Will I Know' with the synth? It just makes you feel happy; that's what I wanted to create. We have this amazing song 'Young Dreamers' with Macklemore and it's so cool. It's for the kids, and it's liberating and so fun."

She also shared what it was like to work with Prince, of all people, saying, "I flew to Minneapolis and went to Paisley Park, which is like his iconic studios and we just made music. I was there for a week. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life."

Yeah, how could it not be?!

Sounds like Ora is ready to put the music first.