Rita Ora and Korean pop star Hyuna revealed that the one thing a pop diva needs to have in her arsenal of moves is her walk, or a variety thereof. The well-heeled talents demonstrated those walks in this hilarious Funny or Die video. Ora also took another shot at her "rumored" ex Rob Kardashian, as well.

Funny stuff first! In the video, Ora stated that she has five signature walks, which causes Hyuna to giggle in unimpressed fashion. They try and outdo one another with their catwalk skills and professional walks.

The Walk Off ensues with the Sexy Walk, the Airplane Walk, the Cake Walk, the Crazy Walk, the Angry Walk, the Bike Walk, the Walking too Many Dogs Too Fast Walk, the Text Walk, the Jump Walk, the Late Night Walking to Your Car in a Bad Neighborhood Walk, the Mall Walk, the Sneaky Walk, the Robot Walk, the Backwards Walk, the Processed Walk and more.

Now, for the drama.

During a chat with Aussie radio station KIIS 106.5, Ora was asked about her relationship with Kim's little brother, something she has always been coy about. "I've got no idea what or who you're talking about," the singer giggled when probed.

She continued, "Onwards and upwards guys. Honestly, there's a place and time for everything and people change and evolve. I think time will tell really and you've just got to keep the train moving forward."

Ora was incredibly diplomatic about her "ex," if that's even what he was. They have two very differing versions of what the "relationship" was.

A quick recap, in case you missed it: Ora and Kardashian were close, getting fake tattoos and then Ora said that it wasn't a real relationship. Kardashian took to Twitter to eviscerate her, saying she was using him to get famous and more. It was really ugly.

At least Ora took the high road here.