It looks like the decision has been made. The greater sage grouse, and how to preserve its dwindling numbers, has been a hot topic in the Rocky Mountain West for some time now.

And Tuesday, we will find out what the feds have decided. The US Fish and Wildlife Service has until the end of the month, by court order, to decide whether or not the survival of the grouse requires listing it under the Endangered Species Act. That would impose severe land use restrictions on industry and agriculture that none of the western governors want to see.

That is why Wyoming Governor Matt mead and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell have been developing a plan that would save the bird, but stop short of declaring it endangered.

The Governor, Secretary Jewell, the governors of Colorado, Montana and Nevada, officials from Game and Fish, Agriculture and the Audubon society and more will be in Commerce City, Colorado for the Tuesday morning press conference which will announce the final decision.

And depending on the decision, no doubt one side or the other will be contemplating legal action.