I feel like I need to turn in my Adam Levine Fan Club Card. Why? Because I had no idea until this past weekend that Adam Levine is set to star in his movie debut in July in the film Begin Again.

In the movie, Adam plays a singer (imagine that) and rocks a beard... which totally makes sense because he wore that crazy beard during the last season of The Voice which annoyed the heck out of me! Of course, I'm not sure that's when they were filming, but I'm taking an educated guess. The sexiest man alive looks much better with a clean shaven face or a little stubble, not a full grown Duck Dynasty facial coife IMHO.

Either way, make plans for July 4, 2014 to enjoy the male beauty that is Adam Levine as he graces the big screen alongside Keira Knightly, Mark Ruffalo and Cee Lo Green!

Check out the trailer and tell is you think Adam is ready to trade his singing chops for his acting chops!