Let's be real: The fact that Miley Cyrus celebrated the Bangerz Tour with an over-the-top, emoticon-emblazoned $5,000 multi-tiered cake in Miami is just another day in the life of the 'Wrecking Ball' singer. That being said, this is one ornate (and expensive!) piece of pastry. Let us break it down for you. 

First, the cake is five (count 'em, five) layers of Bangerz-themed goodness. Next to the base of the cake, there is a fondant hot dog (similar to the one Cyrus performs with onstage), and a giant fondant teddy bear that is almost the same height as the cake itself. The stuffed animal treat is not only airbrushed to perfection, it's also rocking a gold necklace and gold metal studs on its shoes. And we haven't even gotten to the actual cake yet!

The layers of the cake alternate between cotton candy-like colors with black squiggly trees to black-and-gold airbrushed layers. Each layer also rocks an array of ornate decorations, including a giant finger (obviously reminiscent of Cyrus' VMAs performance with Robin Thicke), lips with tongues sticking out, several artworks of Cyrus herself and even an edible sad kitty emoticon that Cyrus recently tatted on the inside of her lip.

The cake reportedly cost $5,000 and Cyrus and her crew took it out in Miami to celebrate after the Bangerz Tour stop in the city over the weekend.

Check Out Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour Cake

Manuel Munoz, Pacific Coast News