Selena Gomez is all wet…at least in an image she shared from her 'Come & Get It' video shoot. The singer is submerged in water, with her hair slicked back, surrounded by cameramen. She's a water nymph and an aquatic vixen in this shot. 

This image certainly is an inside look at a video shoot

Gomez tweeted: "Music video for 'Come and Get It' coming to you guys really soon."

We're banking on that, Sel. We can't wait to see it. Nice of you to come back from all that rendezvousing with your on-off BF Justin Bieber to get back to work and make a video.

The singer-actress is a fan of getting all dripping wet and drenched for promotional purposes. For her eponymous fragrance, she wasn't afraid to get soaking wet. She appears to be copying herself with her new video.

Can we also just say that we love the fact that her crimson lipstick has barely smeared, despite the fact that she is working in water, which is one of the main elements that can cause lipstick to go buh-bye? Oh Sel -- she's such a pro.

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