Selena Gomez‘s ELLE cover image has leaked. Justin Bieber‘s main squeeze is racking up the magazine covers with Lady Gaga and Beyonce-like frequency. She can’t help it if she’s talented, gorgeous, fashionable, dating the biggest teen pop star on the planet and photogenic!

Sel looks ultra sexy on the cover, with her long mane of glossy black hair tumbling around her shoulders in waves. Her lips are painted red and she’s wearing a long-sleeved, print pattern tunic top. A little bit of her toned thighs are showing. She’s giving off a distant stare, too. All of these factors come together to up the sexy quotient. Gomez, 19, is almost too hot to handle. She sizzles.

She’s splashed against a bright yellow backdrop, with a cover tag asking, “Why Justin Bieber Can’t Get Enough of Her.” Uh, is that really even debatable? It’s totally rhetorical, since we just listed all of Gomez’s qualities. She’s adorbs and it’s obvious why girls want to be her and why boys want to hook up with her. The Biebs would be crazy not to be head over heels about her.

Watch this space for the full gamut of photos and quotes from the story when they are released!

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