Selena Gomez was photographed innocently flirting with a friend of her BF Justin Bieber and it has set off a storm of controversy among Beliebers who are appalled by her actions.

Sel was at her pal Ashley Tisdale’s Malibu bday beach bash on July 2, according to Hollywood Life. While there, she hung out with The Biebs’ buddy Alfredo Flores, who tossed her over his shoulder and carried her around. Bieber himself was nowhere to be found.

The singer/actress, wearing a cozy and gray wool shawl to keep her warm and a pair of dark shades, looks like she is having fun, but a little innocent flirtation with her BF’s BFF isn’t too much cause for alarm.

Plus, Sel has to deal with Beliebers throwing themselves at The Biebs’ feet and she understands that it’s part of dating a mega star.

Even so, the loyal legion of Beliebers are really angry at Gomez for her seemingly insensitive behavior. Below is a tweet issued by a fan about the matter, upset about Selena and Alfredo acting like they don’t care about how The Biebs feels. We hardly think that is the case. Two friends who happen to be of the male and female gender are allowed to play around at a beach bash. That is not evidence of any shady business or cheating.

While we can understand and appreciate the ire of Beliebers, remember this. JB is a big boy and is likely confident in himself and his relationship with Selena. He knows he’s No. 1 in her life because he’s Justin Freakin’ Bieber! If there is any competition for her heart (and we doubt there is), he blows it out of the water, pun intended.

Would she really be cheating on him in full public view? No way! We’ve all seen how enamored she and The Biebs are of one another. End o’ story.

Besides, isn’t it better when your pals like your girlfriend and hang out with her, as opposed to the opposite?

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