Justin Bieber posted a photo where he was smiling and nuzzling with his ex Selena Gomez over the weekend -- not the one posted above -- after she flew halfway 'round the world to see him in Norway.

It quickly disappeared, but not fast enough for it to be captured on the web. If the big question is "Are they or aren't they?," the answer seems to be "They are," but Sel's pals disapprove of the reunion.

“Selena’s friends are furious that she’s giving Justin another chance," a source said. Right, since it's their business.

The insider continued, "They’ve been trying to warn her that he’s no good for her and that she should stay away from him, but she just loves the attention he gives her."

Gomez may love the attention and affection that he showers her with, but she was reportedly not stoked that he shared the photo of them with the rest of the world via Instagram.

The insider said, "Selena didn’t know Justin was going to post that picture on Instagram and squirmed when he did. Posting it was his way of marking his territory again and showing her who wears the pants, but ultimately he just wants to keep her happy so he immediately deleted it."

Or maybe they posted it impulsively and then didn't want to deal with the fallout of revealing that they still love each other to the public and deleted it to enjoy their privacy. How's that for a novel concept, haters?

Despite her friends raising their eyebrows and groaning, Sel is a big girl who can do whatever she wants. No one forced her to grab her passport and hop a plane to go see him overseas and reunite with him. It's not like she needs frequent flyer miles.

The source revealed that the high-wattage twosome "have been spending a lot of time together, secretly, over the last couple weeks. But nothing is official between them."

Time will tell...

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