The only woman Justin Bieber loves more than Selena Gomez -- or that random chick with the weird eyebrows from 'Bad Girls Club' -- is his mom, Pattie Mallette.

Since Mama knows best, she was recently asked what was up with Bieber and Gomez's up and down, off-and-on teenage romance ... in between promoting her anti-abortion flick, 'Crescendo I.'

When asked about the status of her son's relationship with Gomez, Mallette was very tactful but sounded just as clueless as everyone else is about.

"You know, I just try and support whatever he's wanting and I think she's a sweetheart, and whatever they decide is great," she told 'TODAY.'

Reports say that Bieber and Gomez are still referring to one another as exes, but are on good terms and hanging out again -- and that their moms are working together to get them back as a full-on couple.

"This is more about getting Justin to clean up his act and his image," a source told The Chicago Sun-Times (via The Los Angeles Times). "Both these kids undoubtedly will date lots of people before they truly settle down."

Ain't love grand when it works out for your PR?