The holiday season is the perfect time to get your nails done. The infinitely stylish Selena Gomez can help you with that endeavor. The singer and actress is issuing two limited edition Nicole by OPI nail polish gift sets for the holiday season, and both are super, duper pretty. Your digits will look divine, slightly goth and vampy.

The sets are available this month and each includes a Gomez-inspired lacquer and a free mini bottle of silver Gumdrops, which is also limited edition and is a matte, textured shade. The only place you can get the mini vial is with the Selena sets. They are meant to be mixed or worn a la carte.

The sets are available at Ulta, CVS, Kmart, Duane Reade and more! If there is a Selena fan in your life, the release of these sets should make your holiday shopping a little easier, perhaps?

Most stylish and fashionable celebs have their own perfumes and/or cosmetic endorsements to aid in marketing their image and brand to their fanbase, and Sel is no different. It's pretty much par for the course, like, you know, releasing an album or making a concert t-shirt.

Hey, at least you get to have pretty purply or crimsony nails, right?