Selena Gomez has a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to media questions about her relationship with ex-BF Justin Bieber. But he's not the only one she won't discuss.

She also has a similar gag order in place regarding her former fellow Disney star Miley Cyrus.

Interviewers are told in advance not to ask Sel about The Biebs, from whom she split at the end of last year, and not to ask about the twerker known as Cyrus. Such rules put her in control of her interviews and avoid the risk of her saying something later taken out of context or misconstrued, leading to a "feud."

In a new profile with an Aussie media outlet, the writer reveals Sel's handlers issued a simple warning before allowing face time with Sel. "You know you can't ask about Justin or Miley?" is what the writer was told.

However, Gomez was the first one to bring up The Biebs when reflecting on her first sojourn Down Under. "I went on the road in Australia with my ex-boyfriend," Gomez said. "I loved it. That's why I secretly wanted to extend this tour, to make sure I could go to Australia. I didn't get to do much last time, I'm probably going to be a complete tourist this time around."

A celeb's publicist usually provides a list of no-no and preferred topics of discussion to interviewers to avoid any awkward silences or the star walking out on the interview. It also prevents them from being misquoted or caught in an awkward moment. Avoiding questions about Miss Miley is likely a preventative measure.