Last night my boyfriends cousin got married so being on girlfriend duty I had to go.  For me this was an excuse to get a cute dress and dress up, but I decided I needed a little something extra, so I went for that self tanning route.I have a tanning package (yes I know it's not good for me), but when it is warm outside I cannot bring myself to go lay in a hot bed so this summer tanning has been a no-go! I had a pretty good tan in the beginning of summer thanks to vacation but now it's mostly faded away.

So I had an hour before we had to leave I decided to try some self tanning so my legs didn't look so pale.  I ended up deciding on the L'Oreal Sublime tan towelettes in medium.  I thought the towelettes would be quicker and easier to apply in a time crunch than the airbrush kind.  They were pretty awesome and easy to use and gave me great color.  The only weird thing was at the end of the night my legs were super tan, so they like didn't stop getting darker all night haha. So that was kind of weird.


It wasn't until the end of the night that I noticed that I had missed a couple spots haha.  I had washed my hair so my hair was wet and when I was brushing it some of the water dripped out and onto my leg...I had a nice giant water streak down my leg. I also noticed when i got home that since I started with one leg and then used the same towelette for my other leg one leg was noticeably darker than the other so there was that too..

So for the most part this was a pretty awesome product, but the only thing that I didn't like was that I couldn't see where I was applying it since it went on clear and it got darker as the night went on, so while I couldn't see it earlier at the wedding, by the time I got home that streak was super noticeable.  So I have no idea how many people thought to themselves "Oh my, that girl does not know how to apply self-tanner"  and I hate to admit it, but they're right!

Melissa Awesome/KISS FM

So the moral of this story is if you decide to use self tanner don't try to use it for the first time right before going to an even where you have to look nice haha.

Do you have a self tanner that you like?!