Shakira, currently seen being extra cute as a new coach on 'The Voice,' has finally piped up about the $100 million lawsuit filed against her by her ex, Antonio de la Rua. She has filed a countersuit against De la Rua in the Bahamas, which is where ther formerly longterm couple lived.

The court papers have found their way online. The suit began when Shakira asked her ex to admit they were separated, something they had not done publicly, since a photo of them together after the split could cause some reputation damage for both of them.

He agreed, but asked the Colombian dynamo to say that they split a few months prior, rather than two years, which was the truth. Shakira graciously agreed and they issued a joint press release confirming that they had parted ways, but that he would still be a part of her business dealings.

Shakira admitted that she agreed to allow him to handle her affairs, since he was unemployed and she felt bad for him. He claims that without him, she would not have achieved her global success.

He then sued her for $100 million, claiming to be cut out of her biz affairs despite their agreement.

In her countersuit, the singer says De la Rua ripped her off to the tune of $3 million, and that he wasted $500,000 on a corporate credit card authorized for use at her company.

This is gettin' ugly.

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