Dogs provide great companionship in all aspects of our daily lives. But before you take your 4 legged friend out to your favorite fishing spot there are some things you might consider to ensure you both enjoy the experience.

I took my lab Bella on her first fishing trip over the weekend and she exceeded my expectations.  She was quiet on the boat, didn't jump overboard (it was a serious concern), and found a spot to lay down that didn't create a hazard for us both.  On top of that we caught fish and again she was curious, but didn't interfere.

Whether you're jumping in a boat for a cruise across the lake or a float down the river, or hiking along a stream or along the banks of your favorite fishing hole, you should consider what's best for the fishing situation.

If you're dog is a splasher and swimmer, then maybe a stream or bank fishing trip isn't the best for your pet.  You should also take into consideration the other people you might come across.  If you dog isn't on its best behavior, it could create an uncomfortable situation or even test the resolve of those who fish for the peace and tranquility of the experience.  Now if you dog is extremely behaved and stays by your side, then this could be an ideal partnership on the water's edge.

The same goes for fishing from a boat, either on a lake or on the river.  If your dog paces back and fourth around the boat, then it could create a hazardous situation for both you and your pet.  Also, consider any passengers in the boat with you and be sure to ask them their thoughts on your 4 legged companion. You might be surprised as to how your fishing buddies feel about your dog.  Again if your dog is well behaved and sits still or stays in one place in the boat, then most likely there won't be any issues.  But common sense should lead your train of thought when it comes to including your pet on your fishing trips.

Of course this choice is up to you!  But if you're unsure of how your dog is going to act or react to fishing (shore or bank), then you might take them once or twice on your own before you invite friends or take your dog to popular fishing spots, to see how they will conduct themselves.

For me, I think I've found a new fishing buddy on the boat.  But I am certain she wouldn't do well bank fishing as she enjoys playing in the water - way to much!!