You've got to love it when 'SNL' forces its major movie star guest hosts to do really, really silly stuff and you honestly don't get much sillier than Bruce Willis playing a centaur. The only thing you can complain about here is that Willis is playing a guy playing centaur instead of a real centaur, but that may have been just a little too much perfect for a single sketch.

The set-up involves the kind of thing you have to wonder about every time you see one of the two-person horse costumes: what is keeping the person playing the back legs from passing out and/or dying? That's the main concern of Bruce Willis' character in this sketch, which sees him and an anonymous cohort working together to play a centaur at the opening party for brand new "Centauri Vodka." As people sip their drinks and mingle about, Willis' partner/back legs grow increasingly weary, leading to a few inspired bits of physical comedy.

Naturally, most of the laughs come from the fact that this is a shirtless Bruce Willis wearing a long blonde wig and standing in half of a horse costume. You don't even have to write real jokes when you have that image. That said, the video does find time for a delightful Vin Diesel joke. This sketch has everything, guys!

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