It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian has several admirers in the pop world including Justin Beiber, The-Dream and Kanye West. Now the celebrity debutante has a new Lothario waiting to join her concubine — Soulja Boy. The Atlanta rapper released a love ode (and we say that very loosely) called ‘Kim Kardashian.’

We don’t know what to make of this, um, song. The lyrics simply consists of Soulja Boy rapping “Kim Kardashian” repeatedly and saying the now played-out slang word “swag.” Soulja Boy probably didn’t get the memo that in 2012, it’s all about ‘Y.O.L.O.,’ just ask Drake.

The ‘Crank That’ rapper successfully caught Kim’s attention as she re-tweeted the song out to her 13 million fans on Twitter: Wow! Oh souljaboy… I love it ;-) ! #Swag

Soulja Boy may have to wait in line if he wants to pursue a budding romance with the gorgeous Kardashian. It seems as if Kanye got his eyes on the prize since he personally invited Kimmy to his swanky Paris Fashion Week after party a couple of days ago.

Nevertheless, grab some earplugs before you play Soulja Boy’s new song.

Listen to Soulja Boy, ‘Kim Kardashian’

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