This year’s official winner of Halloween was actor, filmmaker, and all around cool dude Steve Buscemi, who was spotted outside his home in Brooklyn dressed for the holiday as ... his own meme.

Buscemi, of course, has had an incredible career spanning several decades. He starred in films like Reservoir DogsArmageddon, and The Big Lebowski, and on television series like The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire. But among a certain segment of the internet savvy, he’s probably best known these days as the guy in the “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” meme, where he’s carrying a skateboard while dressed in a red hoodie and backwards baseball cap and a T shirt that reads “Music Band.” The meme is used to make fun of anyone who is very old but tries to look or act young.

This year for Halloween, Buscemi dressed as himself from the meme as he handed out candy from the stoop of his Park Slope brownstone. See for yourself:

If you’re wondering if he had a skateboard to complete the look, the answer is obviously yes.

The meme comes from an episode of 30 Rock. Buscemi guest-starred as a private investigator and in one scene spoofing shows like 21 Jump Street he explained to Jack Donaghy that he once was “part of a special task force of very young-looking cops who infiltrated high schools.” Cut to Buscemi in the ridiculous costume going “How do you do, fellow kids?”

So there you go. You might have had a good Halloween, but it was not as good as the people who got candy from Steve Buscemi dressed as meme Steve Buscemi. There’s no topping that.

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