On tonight’s season finale of ‘American Idol,’ judge Steven Tyler performed with his band Aerosmith. The longtime and much loved rockers debuted their brand-new single, ‘Legendary Child.’ The song is a rager, and Tyler, best known on the show for his clever, from left field one-liners, was in full on rock star mode once he got in front of that crowd.

Dressed in a long coat with bell bottoms, wearing sunglasses and with his signature scarves wrapped around his microphone stand, Tyler and his mates turned the knobs up to 11 (on Season 11, no less), demonstrating that rock ‘n’ roll ain’t noise pollution, nor is it going to die.

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was vehemently opposed to Tyler taking the ‘Idol’ judging gig two years ago, since it disrupted the band’s schedule, so to see him riff away on the ‘Idol’ stage was incredible. The show was almost the death of the band, or at least Tyler’s tenure in it. What a difference some time makes. Tyler got all up in Perry’s grill while he knuckled down on his guitar, showing off their vibrant (if sometimes volatile, when offstage) chemistry.

The band also ripped through the classic hit ‘Walk This Way,’ which has history with popular music, as rap act Run-DMC sampled it in the ’80s.

For five minutes, Aerosmith turned the ‘Idol’ stage into a full on rock show.

Watch Aerosmith Perform ‘Legendary Child’ on ‘American Idol’