There is one thing that seems to be a staple across the country and that is the drinking of beer, but depending on where you live, you may be spending a little bit more on one of America's favorite adult beverages.

According to the latest study from deal website,, the average cost of a case of beer in Wyoming in 2021 was $20.45. That's down over six dollars a case compared to what our average was in 2019 (which was a whopping $26.68).

Beer costs by the state in 2021

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While I'm sure the majority of our beer chugging fellow residents are happy with the price drop, Wyoming still landed in the top ten states for having the most expensive (although we're no longer the most expensive, like we were in 2019).

Here are the top ten most expensive states:

  1. Pennsylvania - $21.98
  2. Tennessee - $21.97
  3. Texas - $21.66
  4. North Dakota - $21.38
  5. Rhode Island - $21.10
  6. Nevada - $20.93
  7. Oklahoma - $20.66
  8. Alaska - $20.65
  9. Wyoming - $20.45
  10. Washington D.C. - $20.34

It is worth noting, this data accounts for major, domestic beer brands, not craft beer.

If you were curious to which state has the cheapest beer, that would be Michigan, were the average cost per case is only $14.62! Having lived in Michigan for much of my teenage and young adult years (so age 11 until 18), I didn't to enjoy that, which means for the first time ever, I'm actually jealous of Michigan for something (never thought those words would ever come from me).

SimplyThriftyLiving also posted some ways to track your spending and even save you a few dollars (on more than just brewskies), so giving their website a visit sure won't hurt.

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