Remember The Talent of R&B Singer Aaliyah On Her Birthday
The life of R&B singer & actress Aaliyah (born Aaliyah Dana Haughton) was tragically brought to an end on August 25, 2001 when the plane carrying the starlet and her entourage crashed shortly after take off leaving her music video shoot for the single 'Rock The Boat' i…
Drake Talks Possible Aaliyah Collaboration
After impersonating Lil Wayne and flipping the bird to his ex, Drake also talked about his appreciation for Aaliyah with London radio personality Tim Westwood. It’s no secret that Drizzy admires the late songbird who passed away at the age of 22. So much so that he has a tattoo of Aa…
Drake Has a Tattoo of Aaliyah on His Back
With all of this talk of outrageous tattoos involving Drake and a fan, you would think he would stay away from the ink and needle. Not quite. Apparently, the ‘Headlines’ rapper got a tattoo of the late R&B songbird Aaliyah on his back.