You Can Now Un-send an Email!
Good news … You can now un-send a Google email. That’s right – you can take back that email you sent by accident … the one that could cause you major embarrassment or trouble.
What Old School Tech Do you Still Use?
Confession time: I've been the proud owner of an AOL account ever since the service started back in the late 90's. I honestly have no desire to get rid of it. People in my social circle laugh at me whenever I give my personal email out, "That STILL exists??"
Jail Time For Reading Wife’s Email?
So, a husband logs into his wife's Gmail account, finds out she's having an affair, and is now facing felony charges and possible jail time.    Could set some crazy precedents - read the story below, and let us know what you think - crime, or not?
The New Facebook Messages Simplified.
I thought this was a much better explanation than some of the stuff out there -  Facebook's new "Messages" that'll be rolling out soon.   Some people seem to love the idea, some not so much.   What do you think?   Will this change the wa…