Innuendo Bingo – Only the Brave May Play! [VIDEO]
It's Memorial Day! What the heck are you doing online when you could be out betting mankind?!?! And for that matter, why am I posting this drivel? I'll tell you why! I love YouTube. I'd even call myself slightly addicted. Frankly, I could listen to Dan all day...
The Wanted Get Zapped During Electric Dog Collar Game

The Wanted are good sports during radio interviews. While chatting with ZMTV, the lads played the Electric Dog Collar Game. What’s that? Well, it’s when dog collars were placed around their necks during a New Zealand trivia game. If they bombed on a question, then they’d get a buzz from their, uh, n…
Play Snake On YouTube
So, I just came across something that I think is pretty cool. You can play SNAKE on any YouTube video. I have personally tested this and it works like a charm, but you have to follow the instructions precisely.