After arriving on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards in a daring, plunging and expertly taped-down white dress, a lot of people (us included) noticed that Taylor Swift's rack seemed, shall we say, "artificially enhanced."

And there may be a damned good reason for it.

In Touch is calling boob job on this one, bringing in a plastic surgeon who said she's definitely had work done -- and in this case, it wasn't A to Z, but rather A to ... B. One whole cup size.

Upon inspecting photos of said dress (on the right, above), Dr Michael Fiorillo, who wasn't involved in enhancing Taylor's tatas, commented, “You can see the implants.”

The magazine goes on to say that the 23-year-old Swift has been “looking noticeably bustier in recent months,” and speculates she had the surgery performed in April of last year.

Staring at celebrity photos all day has given us a rather keen eye for man-made boobs, and it's hard not to notice that Taylor's rack has been defying all known laws of physics lately. When she showed up at the Golden Globes on Sunday, she also looked more top-heavy than usual in her eggplant-colored mermaid dress.

But maybe she's just naturally evolving to more easily catch her prey. Only unlike a praying mantis, she doesn't bite their heads off after mating -- she just makes them die on the inside by writing scathing hit songs about them.