Taylor Swift is having a tough time lately, but it may be even tougher on her than the world imagined. New reports suggest that Swift may be going off the deep end following her split with Harry Styles of One Direction.

Sources told Us Weekly (via Gossip Cop) that the breakup with Styles was one of the hardest that the notoriously emotional starlet has ever gone through. “The breakup killed her,” an insider told the tab. Swift was reportedly also devastated by losing to Adele at the Golden Globes (as evidenced by her now infamous stink face at the show), and she was also hurt by Tina Fey and Michael J. Fox's comments about her dating life at the ceremony. The source explained, “It wasn't the week she could take a joke. She feels like a loser in love, and doesn't have many friends anymore.”

The spy even said that Swift is slowly growing apart from BFF Selena Gomez.

As a result, Swift is rumored to not be in a good place. “Swift is focusing on what she can control: her looks. The singer has been carefully monitoring what she eats -- while also drinking more than usual,” the source intimated. "Loved ones are worried she won’t make it through [her tour].”

As scary as that is, Swift's reps denied the reports to Gossip Cop -- but often, where there's smoke, there's fire. Here's hoping Swift gets any help she may need -- or that she just gets better friends.

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