Taylor Swift loves the color red, and not just because she named her best-selling new album after the color and the emotion it invokes.

The 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer and ex-love of One Direction's Harry Styles is literally red hot on the cover of the February 2013 edition of Cosmopolitan South Africa. She flares up in a slinky, clingy and curve-hugging red dress.

It's not that much different from her U.S. cover last year in terms of the fun styling and art direction.

The frock has a plunging neckline, black piping and mimics a snakeskin print. Swift, rocking black nail polish, which is not common for her, has her hands on her hips, as if she's intimating, "Harry who?"

On the cover, T. Swizzle swapped out her usual ruby red pout in favor of a pinkish one, since she didn't want to overdo it on the crimson tip. Smart choice. She's pretty much replaced her formerly signature ringlets with straight strands and blunt bangs, but it's working for her, a year after Vogue snipped 'em for her cover.

Notice that the words "SEX TOYS" are slapped across her lower body on the cover, as well.

As if.

Swift, with her beauty and height, can always get a gig as a model if her fans ever get sick of hearing songs about her love life.

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