We've always liked to imagine that when Taylor Swift needs to send someone a message, ponies are somehow involved -- or, at the very least, scented, glitter-festooned stationery. Sadly, the truth is far more mundane.

Ed Sheeran broke the news during a recent interview with MTV, telling the network that when Swift invited him to join her on the Red Tour, she did it without any of the magical touches we've come to expect. "There's no one really bigger in the world right now that I could tour with so to be able to get on that tour and to be invited on its not like some of these tours where people have to pay money or it's a favor," he explained. "She just literally texted me saying, 'Do you want to come on tour?' and I was like, 'Yes.'"

Perhaps trying to soothe the cold anguish of the pony-and-glitter-free world in which he'd so cruelly deposited us only moments before, Sheeran went on to reveal that there's a "large possibility" he'll be writing with Swift while the two are on the road. "We're male and female, but we do exactly the same thing like we're both the same age, we both write songs with guitars we both tour playing acoustic music and that's kind of it," Sheeran mused when asked why he and Swift work so well together. "We've got a similar sense of humor. I guess we just have a lot in common."

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